Sunday, January 01, 2006

TRIP REPORT: Atlantc City, Dec 29th 2005

Well I went to AC for on December 30th, 2005 for a little 4/8 action at the trop. It was a great day. I got some good cards and some great flops. I played a very tight agressive game. The first hand I was dealt was AQo in the big blind. After looking at my cards and taking a quick look around the table I thought it was raised so I threw in four whites and the dealer said raise. Whoops, oh well its probably a raising hand anyway but I'm sure the other players had their doubts when I raised the first hand.

I ending up missing the flop but bet out and got 1 caller, then I bet again on the turn after missing on the turn as well. My only competetor thought for a moment and folded. Decent pot, nice start.

I quickly noticed the ten seat. It was a middle age guy who appeared to be pretty drunk who was playing any two cards. Awesome! I also quckily noticed that there was usually at least 5 to a flop. Awesome!

I didn't have any other hands until I peeked at KQs in EP. I raisied and got about 6 callers. The flop came J10x raindbow and I of course bet and I got 3 or 4 callers. Then I got a 9 on the turn for the nuts. I bet and got 2 callers. Then after a blank on the river I value bet and get two more callers, nice big pot.

After hitting a few nice hands the drunk raised from UTG. At least two times before he raised from one of the first positions with total trash. Once he had 10-7o and other time he had K5o I think. It was folded around to me when I look down and see QQ, dreams do come true. I 3 bet and it was folded back to the drunk who of course called. The flop came rainbow with 3 undercards and the drunk checks, I bet, he calls. The turn another undercard, he checks, I bet, he calls. The river was another rag and he bet. Crap, did he hit two pair or hit a set? I figured this was his last ditch effort to try a steal and I re-rasied and he called. I showed my queens and he mucked mumbling something. This guy would blow through a hundred, disappear for awhile then come come back with another crisp 100 dollar bill in hand.
It got quite funny because he was gone for quite awhile several times. Dealers would ask about him and we would say things like "he'll be right back" because we wanted him in the game. Eventually he didn't come back though and his card was picked up, crap.

Some of the other hands winning hands I had were a couple of straights, a set of tens, and one where I held 88 on a KKxx board. I bet the river because no body showed any strength and was a little surprised when the dealer shipped me the pot, but I guess i shouldn't have been surprised. Two of the straight hands I won with were draws to straight flushes. One I hit the flush and the other I hit straight, both on the turn. On the hand where I made the flush an Ace came on the river and the guy called my river bet and said, "show me the Ace" in a disgusted tone. I said, "No ace, flush" I guess he had a smaller pair and thought he was ahead until that Ace came.

I also spotted my first "tell", well I think so anyway. I wasn't in the hand but I seen a player look at his chips, count a few out, then check. I immediately thought I would bet and the other player in the hand either seen what I did or had a strong hand and bet immediately and the player folded after thinking for maybe 2 seconds.

All in all I made about 34 BB's in around 6 hours. The players where bad, I played pretty good, and I got some cards which made for a great session.